Well I think we can all spot a pattern developing here - almost a year between updates!

I do apologise for the length of time between updates to the website but I have been extremely busy this year (more so than normal) and updating a website is the last thing I want to do when I could be driving the Escort!

This year is the first one I've got full use out of the car since I built it. It made a pleasant change to be driving it instead of fixing it!

I've decided that the old way I used to group the updates into sections just wouldn't work very well any more, so everything from this year is in a new '2010' section. You'll find it on the front page, on the bottom of the left hand menu bar.

Lots of things have happened since the last update so please take a look!

The car is currently off the road again for the winter. I'm planning to convert the car from carb & dizzy to fuel injection & mapped ignition over the winter as well as rebuilding the gearbox and doing a few other jobs, so we'll see how well I get on!



Wow, has it really been almost a year since I updated this website? How time flies!

Just in case anyone was wondering, I still have the car and yes I love it - though I have only managed to do about 2000 miles in it this year, and most of those were in one trip!

The original 'ebay' engine didn't last long, so I had to build another one from scratch a little earlier than I had planned! I've added a new section, 'Engine Build', to cover the work.

Once this engine was installed and run in the car has been pretty faultless, apart from a faulty thermostat - not bad if I say so myself! ;-) Oh and I'm still married too, which isn't bad either!

There is also a new section, 'ongoing work', which will cover all of the little adjustments and improvements that will be done to the car.

I'm sorry about the ads in the guestbook by the way, when I originally signed up it was ad-free, if I move to something else now I'll loose all the messages. What can you do?
(well, actually what you can do is install Mozilla Firefox with the AdBlock Plus ad-on, and you'll never see the ads again)

Thanks once again to all those who have left kind comments in my guestbook, I really do appreciate them. To all of those who have been critical of me rebuilding the car with round headlamps instead of square ones - well, all I can say is that it's my car, and I have rebuilt it to suit myself, not to pander to purists. If you don't like it or don't approve - tough!



Firstly - Happy New Year!

I am pleased to announce that after a solid month of hard graft, including a marathon session on new years' day, I managed to get the car road legal on 2nd January 2009!

It took a lot of sweat, swearing, money, time, encouragement and assistance but I made my deadline just in time for our wedding on January 5th!

There is a new section, 'The Big Build Up', which contains all of the pics.

Many thanks to all those who have signed my guestbook, and all who have helped and encouraged me along the way!

There are still little niggles to sort out and there are bound to be mods I will want to do in the future, so don't go away now!



After being in the bodyshop for over two months, I got the fully painted shell back on Friday 21st November.

I am over the moon with the paint finish, it is superb, the prep took longer any any of us anticipated but the results are well worth it!

Now the race is on to get the car roadworthy before the end of the year. I have taken all of December off work so hopefully I will be able to get it done! Watch this space...

There are loads of new pics in the 'shell prep' section



Well it's been a while since I updated this site - not because I've been lazy, but because I've been non-stop on the car when I wasn't in work!

I've done some filling and sanding on the shell whilst I was waiting for it to go into the bodyshop. After it was taken in, I spent all my time cleaning and painting components in preparation for them to be bolted on to the shiny painted shell!

The shell is currently in the bodyshop in the last phase of prep before it gets painted. Hopefully I should have it back next week!

There are updates in the 'running gear', 'shell prep' and 'misc' sections, ther is also a new section called 'component preparation'.

Thanks to everyone who has been signing my guestbook, and good luck with your projects guys!



Since the last update I've finished seam sealing the rest of the shell and painted the inside body colour.

I had to do some welded repairs on the bonnet after it came back from blast cleaning full of holes!

I've also done some work on the rear drums and prepped the wings and A-posts ready to fit central locking.

Hopefully the shell will be in the bodyshop being prepped for spraying before the end of the month, so with a bit of luck the next update should show the shell finished off! Watch this space!

Updates are in the 'Running Gear', 'Bolt-on panels' and 'Shell Prep' sections.



Added a guestbook to the site!



With the shell back from the blasters, it is time to prepare it for painting!

Since the last update I've trial fitted the seats, seam sealed the entire underside and coated it in anti-stonechip paint, and then fitted the front wings!

Updates are in the 'Misc' and 'Shell Prep' sections.



I've not had much time to update this site recently - when I've not been in work I've been working on the car!

I've modified the handbrake mechanism, painted the suspension, and the shell has been away to be grit blasted again.

There are also two new sections on the main page - 'Shell Prep', which will cover the pre-painting prep work on the shell, and 'Misc' where I'll be putting all the stuff that I can't put anywhere else!

Updates in the 'Running Gear' section, plus the new 'Shell Prep' and 'Misc' sections.



Well, after a break of almost five years I've finally got back to work on the Escort!

I decided that I just wasn't happy with the offside rear wing shape, so I decided that I would cut out the damaged section and replace it.

Also, the gear lever hole has been modified to allow fitment of a 5-speed gearbox.

The pictures are in the 'Rear End 2' and 'Floor' sections.

I've also slightly revised the way the site works. Now, when you're looking at a page you just have to click on the image to move onto the next page!



I have given myself a break from bodywork this week, and moved on to fitting the panhard rod and lateral link kit to the rear suspension. Pictures are in the 'running gear' section.



Since the last update, I have finished the passenger door and have spent a considerable amount of time correcting the shape of the left front wing.. What a nightmare! I have also finished one of the niggly jobs, fabricating panels to close the gap between the front end of the sills and the lower end of the A-posts. Pics in 'panels' and 'front end' sections.



Not much in the way of progress since the last update, due mainly to a well - earned holiday. I'm still battling with the doors, the drivers' side is complete and the passenger side skin is in place but needs welding. Pictures in the 'panels' section.



Quite pleased with this weeks progress. Both door frames have been repaired, and the new door skin is in place on the offside frame.  Lots of  new pics in the 'panels' section!



Not much work on the car this week, but at least I've done a bit to the site! New section 'Panels' will cover the repair of the bolt-on panels, like doors bonnet and boot. This week I got the door frames back from blast cleaning.



Well, it's been over a month since the last update, a combination of work, family commitments and other projects have conspired to keep me out of the garage. Lots of pics this time, and some good progress! The end of the welding is in sight....



Exciting progress this week.... well maybe it's just me, but it's finally starting to look like a car now that it has a 'face' again. I have also managed to obtain a second hand pair of flared front wings, which have helped greatly with the escalating costs....



Spent the days available to me this week getting the panel alignment right for the front panel.  Everything looks spot  on now, so the stage is set for the fitting of the 'face' of the car, so to speak!



Managed to finish the O/S chassis leg this week, and have begun to build up the front end starting with the radiator supports and slam panel.

Not as many pictures as I would like this week, as my stupid computer managed to loose about half of them somehow!



I'm back! After a longer than expected period of absence, work has recommenced on the car. The work on the NS chassis leg is complete, the OS is under way. Check out the front end rebuild section for photos.



Nearly finished the NS chassis leg, more photos in 'front end' section. Unfortunately, yet again work is going to interfere with the project for the next month, so progress will be slow...



First update of the new year! Yes I know its been over a month, but Christmas and other distractions have kept me away from the 'real work' in the garage. 

Work has shifted to the front of the car, on the n/s chassis leg, so check in the 'front end' section for new photos and don't forget to look here to see my 15 minutes of fame!



Finished repairing the rear panel brace and also finished the offside rear wheel arch. Due to the approach of Christmas not much more may get done to the car this year, but stay tuned for further developments in the new year...



Finished off the rear shock tower and gearbox mount, also tidied up the boot seal lip. Have started repairing the rear panel brace, but this will probably go on hold so I can get on with the OSR wheel arch.



Finally got round to stripping the rear shock tower so all the rust could be removed, this involved removing the rear firewall! Also started repairs on gearbox tunnel area. Pictures in 'rear end 2' and 'floor'.



Fitted the rear valance, which took ages because the replacement panel (an old 'pop-on') was a terrible fit; I spent a whole day fiddling with it before I was happy. Also repaired boot floor where it had rusted around the stiffening brace.



A fairly productive few days this week - managed to finish off the OSR inner wheel arch, inner tank well & OSR lower rear corner. Again, photos are in Rear End 2.



Agh... I've given up setting myself deadlines after reading the front page again, which cheerily states that it'll be done by the end of the summer. Clearly, this is not the case!

Also, only managed 3 days on the car again this week, this time due to getting a metal splinter in my eye! Anyway, more pictures in rear end 2.



Only managed to get three days on the car this week, but I've launched into the OSR wheelarch. Rear End 2 has all the pictures.



Finally managed to get back to it last week! When I came to dress down the welds on the NSR wheelarch I discovered a fair amount of distortion, despite my best efforts to minimise heat spread. I've managed to beat most of it out and its looking much, much better now...

I've split the 'rear end' section into two parts because it was getting too big. Check in here for new photos of repairs to the rear scuttle and OSR quarter window frame.



NSR outer wheelhouse and wheelarch skin welded on, but require dressing down. See Rear end section for photos.

Again, work commitments & holidays mean that I will be unable to do much on the car for the next month. Watch this space!



NSR Inner rear wheelhouse and lower rear corner finished. Next on the list, NSR outer wheelhouse and wheelarch skin!



Inner Rear Wheelarch is nearly finished, and work has started on the rear lower corner. Unfortunately I have been disappointed by the quality and finished of the replacement panels, which have needed much more "adjustment" than I would expect.



The bracing bars have been removed, which has greatly improved access to the interior of the car. Work has started on the NSR wheelarch, and is progressing well - pictures in the 'rear end' section...



The roof is now finished! Bracing bars still need to be removed, however.  Next on the list is the rear wheelarches....



New entries in the 'Floor' and 'Roof' sections. Most of the work is now finished on the floor & sills, after the roof is completed the bracing bars can be cut out. This will improve access so the odds & sods can be finished off...



At last, some new pictures! New entries in the 'Floor', 'Running Gear' and 'Rear End' sections. I now have a digital camera, so hopefully the updates should be a lot more regular...



No new pictures yet, but coming soon.... Since the last update, both sides of the underfloor chassis section have been rebuilt, the drivers' side floor & sill have been fitted & finished, and the new passenger side floor is welded in place. Also the OS rear spring front hanger has been rebuilt. I also have had a go at beating out the damage to he OSR quarter panel, the results of which have been good enough to persuade me that it does not need replacing after all...



New pictures added to "Front End Rebuild" section. New sections "Running Gear" and "Roof" added. Since these pictures were taken the wheels have been powder coated white and the drivers' floor has been cut out.



Since the last pictures were taken, I have finished rebuilding the front O/S strut top, front O/S bulkhead side & top and the front O/S A-post. I've also obtained a replacement roof panel and  O/S/R quarter panel from Mexico Marks. Thanks Mark!

Unfortunately, at the moment work commitments are keeping me out of the garage. Hopefully normal service will resume soon...

More pictures will be added as soon as I get the roll of film developed (wot, no digital camera?!)